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The most important part of operating your lab is not just knowing the RIGHT QUESTIONS to ask but to also know the

Would a lab work for my practice?
                            Would it make a profit?

   What would be my return on investment? 
What tests should I run in-house?
                                                         I want a lab....Where do I start? 

                           What are the best analyzers for our lab?
             Do I have reagent choices?

                           Who will service my equipment? 

         What type personnel do I need? 
How do I put it all together?

                                           HELP! We have an inspection coming!

                                  What Quality Control Manual?

          CLIA Compliance What?

We failed!  And we Need Corrective Action Plans.

HealthCare Technologies knows THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and has THE RIGHT ANSWERS to these questions AND MUCH MORE!

What We Do:

  • Laboratory Installation and Upgrades
  • Laboratory Management Services
  • Optimize Lab's Financial Performance
  • Improve Laboratory's Efficiency
  • Proven Cost Cutting Secrets
  • CLIA Compliance Manuals
  • CLIA/COLA Inspections Preparation
  • Laboratory Economic Feasibility/Analysis
  • Prepare Plans of Corrective Actions
  • Provide Lab Director
  • Personnel Oversight and Training
  • OSHA Annual Training
  • Coat Effective Equipment and Reagents

What Our Customers Have To Say:

“You've helped save my (lab)
business and for that I owe you (HealthCare Technologies)
my deepest appreciation.”

Thank you!
David, Lab Owner

“We could not have successfully and
speedily complied with the CLIA Corrective Action requirements
without your (HealthCare Technologies)
help and guidance.”

Thank you!
Sandy, Lab Manger