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An optimized and well managed office lab is critical to today's efficient delivery of health care. Such a lab will not only improve patient care and increase patient satisfaction, but can also be a significant revenue source for the physiciann's practice. Several options are available for the doctor interested in improving practice efficiency through a new or existing office lab. HealthCare Technologies can provide solutions for all your office lab needs. Below are just some of the services that HealthCare Technologies offers:
Lab Feasibility Analysis

Would a lab work for my practice?
Would it make a profit?
What would be my return on investment?
What tests should I run in-house?

Lab Plan and Installation

I want a lab . . . Where do I start?
What are the best analyzers for our lab?
Do I have reagent choices?
Who will service my equipment?
What type personnel do I need?
How do I put it all together?

Lab CLIA Requirements

HELP! We have an inspection coming!
What Quality Control Manual?
CLIA Compliance What? We failed!
Need Corrective Action Plans.
  • Laboratory Installation and Upgrades
  • Laboratory Management Services
  • Optimize Lab's Financial Performance
  • Improve Laboratory's Efficiency
  • Proven Cost Cutting Secrets
  • CLIA Compliance Manuals
  • CLIA/COLA Inspections Preparation
  • Laboratory Economic Feasibility/Analysis
  • Prepare Plans of Corrective Actions
  • Provide Lab Director
  • Personnel Oversight and Training
  • OSHA Annual Training
  • Cost Effective Equipment and Reagents