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Lab Optimizers
Lab Information Systems

3-5 times less costly than adding extra personnel. Improves staff morale while increasing the efficiency and capacity of your current lab. Simplifies and eases regulatory compliance. Can interface with your practice management and EMR systems.The Right System . . . . The Right Price!

LabResult Messaging Systems

Reduces wasted staff time calling back lab results and playing non-reimbursable “phone-tag.” Frees your staff to do what you hired them for. Private voicemail system eliminates interruptions from patients calling to get their normal lab results. Patients love the 24 - hour access to lab results. Pays for itself in saved staff time.

Laboratory Economic Audit

Make sure your lab is running at peak efficiency. We will evaluate your lab and recommend ways to optimize it. Find out if you have the appropriate instrumentation for your needs. Know what your lab is doing for you and where it can improve.